1. barrittlooseleaf:

I love learning the sounds of each bird.
I was outside for at least 30 minutes talking to this guy and a few others..
it was bliss.
Photo by me :)
what a humbling friday it has been…


    I love learning the sounds of each bird.

    I was outside for at least 30 minutes talking to this guy and a few others..

    it was bliss.

    Photo by me :)

    what a humbling friday it has been…

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  2. So far I have learned…

    That my boss is an immature manager, whose two employees that he has personally hired, are a stoner and a drunk.

    He uses the term “You do that again, your fired” to keep people in line. I’m an insecure person as it is. I like my boss as an individual. It’s extremely confusing however to be invited to his wedding, keeping his FAILING side venture afloat with what little time I have, and being reprimanded while working as if I’m a retarded little boy. Maybe I am mentally handicapped. Maybe I just need to quit and say, “Boss, as much as I love you as a friend, your (not even hidden) negative attitude towards your employees, drinking while your working, allowing a side venture where someone has HANDED you capital to horrible shortcomings in three years, and never putting hard devotional work into your own business but instead going on errands or leaving early to go to the bars, makes me feel like I’m working in a toxic cesspool with racist slurs and allowing the belittling of others to be a common occurrence day in and day out. In fact, it seems to be part of an unwritten code amongst the trio of you.

    Your second hand man has never tasted another job. From high school onwards he has only known the bike shop. His throbbing ego is suffocating. All he knows is to follow your footsteps of his employer by being a whiny brat. “Josh if Keith saw you do that he would fire you” “Quit doing stuff wrong bitch” “Do that again an I’ll shove this broom up your ass, in fact, why am I even doing your goddamn job, I’m just going to tell *bloop* you didn’t do it and he’ll fire your bitch ass tomorrow” It will never, NEVER dawn on him that this is improper management, let alone someone.. in fucking general. As much as we all want our employees to be autonomous and never need correction, they are school children. I am a school child. I am a poor little fuck who looks up to you assholes for advice and help. I’m the new guy. THE FNG. I’m going for a fucking business degree. Humble yourself for once and learn from someone.

    When I brang up my feelings hence far about work to the two employees I let a vent of steam lick the spiteful tongue, “So far my summer has been like this, ‘I work with a bunch of assholes’” The room got quiet for a second. The stoner compassionately commented that he has been decently nice to me. Which he has. While the drunk took twenty minutes to explain the past of assholery in the bike shop.

    I don’t even bring my bike into the shop anymore. I do a better job at home without their help. I asked for help with installing a new fork on a headset and your drunk ass got distracted and wanted to see if you could cut my five year old cable lock with a pair of scissors. Now I don’t bring my bike in anymore.


    I needed to heckle you for three fucking weeks until you finally caved in and stopped using Comic Sans FOR A FUCKING BUSINESS CARD.

    I’ve made the needed tuition for this year of school. I just need to figure out what I’m doing, to save my sanity.

  3. shesfineshesnarrating:

    My Irrational Games Reward from the Geek a Week Video Games edition Kickstarter arrived! I got a Tshirt, some stickers and the  Booker DeWitt and Miss Elizabeth poster which I have been secretly hoping I would get. 



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    Talltree // Tallbike

    How… wha… you have to be pretty boss to take that rig off road

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  5. After spilling my heart out and apologizing profusely(and multiple times) in an email to my Intro to Comm professor about missing an assignment…

    My teacher basically just told me to calm my shit and forget about the six points I missed.

    Plot Twist: It’s actually worth ten.

  6. natendo:

    My friend Chad just made this shirt of armor and it’s for sale! Hit him up for the details!

    Yes. Yes please.

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i need this times two.





    i need this times two.


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  8. foreverrollingin:

    me with the Glory!

    Woo Giant! Go you!

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  9. I just had a phone call from a random number asking what hours the bike shop I work at is open. No clue who this person was. Nor do I care. I think it’s a little amusing for someone curious when we open.. at 11:30 pm.

    It happened because the shop phone, when you call, has a greeting asking to “Press 1 for The Hub or Press 2 for The Hub Tours” 

    The Hub Tours is the pedicabbing start up business that is a branch of The Hub bike shop. Normally on weekends for Friday and Saturday I’m out pedicabbing downtown from 7 pm to 1 or 2 in the morning. The phone switch is set up to automatically be on me during those hours on Fri/Sat. A piece of why I find this funny is because I’m not out tonight. I’m in my dorm studying my ass off.

    So this guy for whatever reason decided to call The Hub Tours line. Luckily I’m probably the only non-hammered or stoned employee of the shop at this time. The second piece of why it’s just so funny out of chance I get the call.

    I must be socially deprived. Finals studying is getting to me. This is quite humorous.

  10. Anonymous asked:

    droid or apple?